Education as a Basic Need:

Education is the basic need of our life. Without education, we cannot even survive in this world. It provides strength and confidence which helps to live in this cruel world. Women education is one of the most complex and critical issues all over the world. Either it is primary, secondary, higher, territory and health education women do not have to give equal rights and the chance to study with men. It is important to give the equal right for women to study in educational institutes. There are symbolic of steps which are taken to secure the women education in India. Gender inequality is one of the most authentic issues in Indian education system. So it is important to provide basic rights of women because only and educated women can change the socio-economic changes.


In India, many government and non-governmental organization are taken steps to provide best educational facilities for women.

According to the Frieda Pinto:

“Young who want an education will not be stopped.”

 Universal Right:

Education is the universal right of both gender either it is a man or a woman. Women education is the most important part of our life. Education makes the women self-independent and also teaches her that how to stand in difficult situation front of others. A woman can balance her professional life and personal life at one time. A woman is not less than boy either it is sports or business. Nowadays women are competing the boys in each profession either it is medical engineering and media. Education is the source of income for all family of women child and if this source of income utilized then better outcomes can get. Online study websites India by Upswing learning providing various courses, test series for the student.

Importance of Women Education:

Women education is very much important in worldwide. 55% population of the world is based on women. Here we briefly explain the importance of women education:

  • Improve health conditions
  • Improve living conditions
  • Economic empowerment
  • Justice
  • Improve Health Conditions:

An educated woman is aware the importance of health problems and hygienic problems. An educated woman can also take care her family very well and protect them with bad health conditions. Through good health condition, women can empower the healthy lifestyle.

  • Improve Living Conditions:

Education helps the women to live her life independently. Women with education can never lose her identification. She can know about her rights. An educated woman performs her task as a mother very well. She knows her responsibilities as an educated mother.

  • Economic Empowerment:

In most of the backward areas, women are dependent on men. Women are helpless because she does not have authority to change the living condition. Economic empowerment and independence only come through proper education and good employment of the women.

  • Justice

An educated woman is aware of her rights very well. She knows how to use her rights for justice. Women with education can decline the injustice against women such as dowry, child marriage, and forced prostitution.



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